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Help Shaping Inclusive Mobility Projects – Participate in a Needs Analysis Survey!

PR.I.M.E. (PRomoting Inclusive Mobility Experiences) is a KA2 project launched in October 2023 and spanning 30 months until March 2026. It aims to enhance the competences of staff involved in mobility projects for individuals with intellectual disabilities and elevate the overall quality of these projects by collecting and producing valuable outputs that cater to the needs of organisations and project staff.

PR.I.M.E. team is composed of 7 partners from 7 European Countries: Italy, France, Poland, Lithuania, Cyprus, Greece and Malta, and is coordinated by Italian organisation – social cooperative Kara Bobowski. Your perspective is valued and you are invited to contribute by taking part in the survey. If you are part of organisations working with people with disabilities, organisations engaged in mobility projects or organisations involved in both (inclusive mobilities), we invite you to complete the survey through form that can be accessed here: survey link.

Deadline for filling out is February 29, 2024.

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