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3rd online meeting of Inclusion Officers focused on the Topic of Outreach

The 3rd Meeting of Inclusion Officers, hosted by the SALTO Inclusion and Diversity in Education and Training and held online on December 5, 2023, gathered more than 30 Inclusion Officers from National Agencies across Europe. The meeting aimed to foster collaboration and exchange experience on the topic of “Engagement of Target Groups and Outreach”.

Guest Speakers Unveil Innovative Projects

Aaron Szczerba and Benedetta Gennaro from Technical University Darmstadt introduced the participants to their project IDEM. The project focuses on innovative outreach strategies to include students facing fewer opportunities in mobilities. Szczerba and Gennaro shared valuable insights into effective engagement methods, such as organising workshops and approaching potential participants, showcasing the impact of their initiatives in creating a more inclusive educational environment.

Milena Jovanović from Serbian Foundation Tempus shed light on their mentorship program designed for organisations working with individuals facing fewer opportunities. Jovanović’s presentation outlined the program’s structure, results, and inspired participants to implement the program in their work contexts.

Latest updates from SALTO ID ET

Tajana Krstonošić and Petra Habulin from SALTO Inclusion and Diversity in Education and Training provided updates on the centre’s latest activities. They presented WATCH IT!, a web accessibility tool for content creators, as well as two factsheets for higher education institutions and mobility participants in higher education (Erasmus+ Opportunities for Stays Abroad and Internationalisation through Erasmus+), created in collaboration with DAAD (German Erasmus+ Agency). Krstonošić and Habulin also announced IDEA (Inclusion and Diversity in Erasmus+ Assessments), a publication for project evaluators which will be finished and uploaded to the SALTO website in the upcoming weeks.

Open Agenda: Spotlight on Creative Inclusivity

Isabella Livoti from Belgian EPOS vzw presented information about a wordless theatre play titled “Horizon,” performed by Theater van A tot Z. The play raises questions such as How important are differences in our globalised world? and Can people be different and still be the same?.

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