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SALTO Inclusion and Diversity in Education and Training delivered a workshop to Austrian National Agency

To build staff capacity and foster a more inclusive environment, the Austrian National Agency (OEAD) hosted an online workshop for its staff, delivered by our SALTO ID ET  on January 16, 2024.

As part of its ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity, the OEAD organizes a monthly event for its staff. This initiative aims to heighten awareness of the importance of inclusion and diversity while facilitating the exchange of information on this priority. Workshop held on January 16 was part of this broader effort.

Participants had an opportunity to find out more about milestones in SALTO’s work, to discuss the national agency’s outreach initiatives to organizations and explore what is important to consider when organizing an inclusive event. They emphasized the importance of adapting to people’s needs and going beyond checklists when organizing inclusive events, while also highlighting benefits of consulting ID Officers or external experts when reaching out and promoting inclusion and diversity.




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