Explore a number of useful resources that have been developed over the years to help improve the quality of Erasmus+ projects!


This tool provides guidelines on what to consider when organizing event that is open to everyone. The aim of the tool is also to raise awareness of diversity of people’s needs in general, not only of the needs mentioned in the tool. Besides general guidelines, tool covers specific guidelines for people with different disabilities and challenges. It contains 3 parts: before, during and after the event.  


WATCH IT! is an interactive checklist which contains guidelines for the persons creating/posting content on the Web sites. It includes guidelines for written and media content, as well as explanations of guidelines through 3 questions: what, why and how.

ID Temperature Check Tool

This tool help assess the inclusion and diversity efforts of your National Agency. It is accompanied by the profile and job description of the Inclusion & Diversity Officer. The tool was developed by SALTO Inclusion and Diversity (Youth).

Expert Pool

The Expert Pool was created by SALTO Education and Training TCA and it contains a list of trainers, facilitators, key note speakers and lecturers, researchers, quality assurance experts and moderators by sector, priority and key action.

NA staff can create an account, access the pool and recommend an expert by sending an email to For more information on how to register, click on the yellow oval button below.

Erasmus+ Grant Simulator

This tool simulates the potential grant that student or intern can receive. The estimate is based on the mobility type, duration and location of the mobility, person with fewer opportunities status and green travel. The tool is part of The Erasmus Generation Portal developed by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and it is based on Erasmus+ Programme Guide.