Have a closer look at the research being conducted on the topic of inclusion and diversity in the Erasmus+ programme!


Report on Needs, Challenges and Practices of Erasmus+ National Agencies

The aim of this SALTO-commissioned research was to identify Erasmus+ national agencies’ current practice, needs and challenges concerning inclusion and diversity. The target group was staff dealing with the topic of inclusion and diversity and the findings will support SALTO in developing and designing its future activities.

Maybe it will be different abroad. Student and Staff Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion in student exchanges

An extensive research report prepared by the Erasmus Student Network that gathers input of 12.000 students and 750 staff members across Europe and beyond on the inclusion in international student exchanges.

Promoting diversity and inclusion in schools in Europe

This Eurydice report provides a comparative analysis of policies across 39 European countries and showcases recent initiatives, with a focus on at-risk students, such as students from diverse migrant, LGBTIQ+ students, those with special educational needs or disabilities, etc. You can find summary of the report in the video Eurydice Report 2023/2024- Diversity and Inclusion .