The 21 Recommendations as a Result of the European Citizens’ Learning Mobility Panel

Over three weekends in March and April, 150 randomly selected citizens of different age groups and backgrounds from all 27 Member States discussed and identified obstacles to learning mobility abroad.

The ideas put forward by the citizens turned into 21 concrete recommendations aiming to facilitate the mobility of learners, educators, and staff from one country to another. The panel’s recommendations highlight the importance of increasing further the awareness of opportunities and encourage the participation of people with fewer opportunities. They also outline opportunities and challenges brought by digitalisation and explore sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of mobility.

These recommendations will feed into the proposal for a Council recommendation on learning mobility, planned later in 2023, alongside the contributions to the public consultation and the results of the ongoing study on learning mobility.

English version of the recommendations is available on the European Commision’s website. Translations into the official languages of the EU will be added in the coming weeks.

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