Social Inclusion in Higher Education

DURATION: 2021-2024


German NA (DE01)



Serbian NA, Slovenian NA (SI01), Czech NA, Dutch NA (NL01), Norwegian (NO01), Estonian NA, Belgium NA (BE01), Slovakian NA (SK01), French NA (FR01), Irish NA (IE02), Icelandic NA, Greek NA (EL01), Academic Cooperation Association (ACA), European Student Network (ESN)


Higher Education

  • Enhance social inclusion
  • Support participants with fewer opportunities and National Agencies
  • Establish regular meetings and thematic subgroups
  • Create a network of experts
  • Document useful data and resources
  • Translate examples of good practice

TCA event Moving closer to inclusive internationalisation in Higher Education (Germany, November 2023.)

  1. Redesign of the eu website in cooperation with ESN.

  2. Publications:
  • Analysis of country specific and inclusion related data derived from the ESN student survey in cooperation with ESN (in prep.)
  • Collection of inclusion related surveys designed by NAs and post-survey reflections to create a common database for mutual learning in the field of inclusion research (in prep.)
  • ”Guidelines on synergies reinforcing inclusion in Erasmus+” (in prep.)
  • ”Guidelines for ERASMUS+ Coordinators on inclusion” within KA2 (in prep.)
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