Group photo of participants, SALTO team members and moderators.

ID Officers met again in person in sunny Dubrovnik!

The 4th Meeting of Inclusion and Diversity Officers (ID Officers) took place from March 19th to 21st in Dubrovnik, organized by the SALTO Resource Centre for Inclusion and Diversity in Education and Training (SALTO ID ET). Around 30 participants from 28 national agencies (NAs) in all areas of education and training, as well as youth, attended the meeting.

It started with a warm welcome speech from the head of SALTO ID ET, Josip Luša, and continued with a presentation of the results and activities of the SALTO ID ET in 2023 and plans for 2024 by Tajana Krstonošić and Petra Habulin, SALTO team members. Later, participants engaged in workshops discussing three topics: the roles and responsibilities of Inclusion and Diversity Officers, the applicability of tool for planning inclusive events, and the development of an inclusion index tool for primary and secondary schools. All three workshops were moderated by facilitators, SALTO team members, and colleague Ivana Majcen from the Slovenian NA (CMEPIUS).

The second day began with a presentation by Monika Auzinger from 3S (Austria), who presented research on the needs of beneficiaries in the field of education and training in Erasmus+. The research is in its final stages and will be published on the SALTO centre’s website. This presentation was followed by four sectorial workshops, during which participants discussed and made suggestions for strengthening the inclusive component of the program in various sectors. The afternoon was reserved for study visits to beneficiaries in Dubrovnik who have successfully addressed inclusion and diversity in their projects under the Erasmus+ program: the University of Dubrovnik, and the Bonsai Association for Civil Society Development.

On the third day of the meeting, Marta Gutierrez Benet from the European Commission emphasized the importance of inclusion and diversity in Erasmus+ and networking of ID Officers, while Henrique Gonçalves from SALTO YOUTH – Inclusion and Diversity presented the results of research on the impact of the Erasmus+ program in the youth field. The program concluded with a networking session, during which participants discussed various topics and questions.



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